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Get list of currently supported Interfaces

Dim ports As List(Of EIBWatcherNet.Core.EIB.ConnectionPort) = EIBWatcherNet.Core.EIB.BusAccess.GetConnectionPorts
You can use the ports list e.g. to select an interface using a Combobox.

Set up the bus Manager

  • create new BusManager instance
Dim myBusManager As New EIBWatcherNet.Core.EIB.BusManager
  • setup BusAccessModule (port is the selected ConnectionPort from the enumeration above)
If Not myBusManager.CanOpenPort(port) Then
End If

myBusManager.Open() 'use of ParamArray params depends on selected port type
  • Read/Write Access
myBusManager.ReadGroupAddress(New EIBWatcherNet.Core.EIB.Bus.Addressing.EIBGroupAddress("2/3/5"))

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